You must have heard the proverb: If you want to travel fast, then travel alone and if you wish to go far, travel together. Agree that this is not a quote directly related to travel. However, we can still link it to encourage people to come together and travel as a group to various locations across the world as the level of fun in that is much higher.

Travelling as a group is another idea FlyWalkSwim wishes to encourage. I have gone in groups many times. Each trip further strengthens the bonding and friendship between the people on the move. Iam having many such friends and acquaintances made even in flights and trains.

Group Travel Partnerships

Solo trips are something which I need to be experience. Why not solo travelers come together on a common platform and go places? You can enjoy the benefits of a Solo Traveler and also a Group.

Join the mailing list. Let’s create a community of travellers. Everyone wanting to go in a group, as well as solo, can be part of it. When we plan a trip, those willing to join can express interest and be a part.

Travel Together Partners

Have created a google group so that the our Travel Community can remain connected and plan trips. If you want to get added to the group please send your details on the form below. It will be a pleasure having you on board.

Come Let’s Explore the World