I am not a professional travel writer and don’t intend to be one, but FlyWalkSwim is going to undoubtedly be my travel diary where it will be possible jotting down the experiences and also information about places and people. Over time the writings may start benefiting people, and that would be enough fuel for satisfaction to have created this site.

Travel Writing Jotting

Apart from sharing my own past and future travel experiences, FlyWalkSwim aims to post two more types of travel diary jottings which can help members of the community and also the internet users searching for information.

1. Make FWS your Travel Diary

On all your trips, we are sure you must have had enough of experiences worth sharing with others. These experiences may be good or bad. For example, you may even warn others on how they may be conned at a place. Such notes on the FWS website can help many others.

So don’t hesitate, let the world know how you felt at a place and what did you like there. Just click the Contact Page and send us the details. We will share the info with your name and photo. We are also ok if you want to remain anonymous.

2. Sharing by the Travel Industry participants

I, as an individual, will share my stories in the travel diary, you too will do so. There may be untold stories which those working in the industry alone may be aware of and inform us. We will try approaching people in this regard and get their articles on various subjects related to travel.

You may be a Travel Agent, a Tour Guide, Vendor, Hotel owner, etc. We want to hear from you.

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