We plan our travel itinerary well in advance; similarly, we can plan our Travel Money and Funding too.

Fly, Walk or Swim, travel however you can, don’t give in the excuses. If the world is a college, each country you visit is a classroom, and each place is a chapter. Believe me you; you cannot fully relate to what I am trying to express until you start travelling. Travel Goal Financial Planning can remove most hurdles to travelling.

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The more you travel the more you learn and emerge as a better person. There are two things you can aim to achieve in life, they are materialistic benefits and the other innumerable and memorable experiences.

Some people prefer buying costly things in life and feel contained possessing them, while the rest, like me, prefer experiencing newer things which will remain inside me till the end to cherish. We cannot term either of them as wrong; both are right. You can aim to be in both categories. Those with surplus money can easily do it while others can plan.

Travel Funding is something which deters most people take up travel. As a Financial Planner by profession, I am against borrowing money to travel. A trip with the borrowed amount in account cannot give you the feeling which you should otherwise experience.

Can we plan for at least one travel a year? Yes, of course. The suggestion is keeping aside 5% of your monthly earnings and park the amount in suitable vehicles and use the same for your yearly junket.

Customise your Travel Goal Planning today. If you are a Travel Enthusiast and would like to start, contact us today. We won’t charge you anything for this. FlyWalkSwim is not for commercial purposes 🙂

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Travel Goal Financial Planning