When you visit India, you are visiting 29 incredible countries in one go.

Incredible India

With 1.35 billion people, India is the largest democracy in the world where a billion people come out to vote in the elections every five years. This population follows a couple of hundred different religions; they speak thousands of different languages, and every few hundred kms the culture of the people change, what they eat, how they live, everything changes. Isn’t it incredible? That’s why it’s called Incredible India.

Mahabalipuram India

Jaipur Rajasthan India
Varanasi India

India is also known as Bharat and Hindustan. India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. It one among very few countries may be the only country which offers Desert in Rajasthan, Greenlands in central India, Plains, Marsh Lands in Rann of Kutch, Mountains including the Himalayas, Sea Shore, Back Waters in Kerala, Scenic beauties across the country, Hill Stations, Islands, Glaciers, Snow… need anything else?

Kota Rajasthan India
Red Fort India

India is divided into 29 states for governance. Each state has a primary language and many others which people within speak. Each state has it’s own history from ancient to freedom struggle to modern-day today. Every state has many tourist spots which a person can explore. The palaces in India are much more magnificent and beautiful compared to many in the world.

Not exaggerating, a tourist can easily spend more than ten days in each state in India and we have 29 of them, plus the islands and union territories! Tourism can be a gold mine for India which was long ignored. Finally, the government is giving it the require importance through various programs, incentives and promotion with the Incredible India campaign.

India in Pictures
India in Pictures – One India

You must consider visiting India. I will be glad to help, assist and guide you if you want to visit. I am not into the business of travel but can get your plans executed through excellent and trustworthy companies. It will be a pleasure if you be India’s guest and spend few thousand Dollars here 🙂 India is not a costly place, you will rejoice the place.

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