“All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.” – Sheila Graham

Travelling is a Life’s Never Ending Road

Sit back and read the above quote a few times. Every time you read it, you will find a deeper meaning. We lose ourselves in the home to office and back to home life. A frog in the well comes to know that there is a world outside too, only when he comes out of the well or is brought out by someone. If you love travelling, those frogs which have never seen the outer world will always advise you that travelling is such a waste of time and money.

There are many things I  have personally experienced and would mention a few of them here. Hope these points encourage you to travel and I also, in turn, find some partners for my next trip.

As human beings, we have a choice to make between Material Things and Experiences. There is no end to materialistic life, but when we are on our death bed, the experiences we had during our lives will resonate in our minds and not the luxury. Beyond a decent material life, I will always prefer things which helps me experience new things in life. Each experience is learning.

Travel makes you a better person:

My children’s first trip outside India with me was to Dubai. They saw how people follow traffic rules and hearing a horn is just rare in most of the countries. When we were back to Chennai, for quite some time, whenever they used to see people honking on the roads, the kids would comment ‘this fellow should be sent to Dubai once to learn’ This is the exact thing the quote in the beginning says!

Helps you boost confidence:

Just like how you cannot learn driving by watching a tutorial video, you cannot experience a place without actually experiencing it! Watching a mountaineering climb a mountain and we climbing and experiencing the rough terrain, cold winds, etc., are two different things. Most people think of going to another country with a diverse culture, and language is something which deters them but you always return with confidence when you find how friendly and warm people are towards you.

Always keep in mind, we are brand ambassadors of our country when we are travelling to another. In India, we may be a North Indian or a South Indian, a Tamil or a Marathi or a Marwadi, A SC, ST, BC, or an FC. Still, when we are in another country they look at us as an ‘INDIAN’ Whatever we do, we either send a positive message about India or just degrade our nation. Frankly, on every trip of mine, I have found people who have spoilt the countries name.

We are the brand ambassadors of our country even when people from outside visit us. They are our guests! How we showcase ourselves to them, how we treat them carries a lasting impression. How our clients refer us to others in our businesses, these guests will either send others to visit India or ask their countrymen to stay away. Travel does teach us how to look at a broader perspective in life.

Making new friends:

Will you believe if I say there are at least twenty numbers of my co-travellers in flights and trains stored in my phone? Most of them are in touch with me even today. If you want to know a person in and out, travel with him for a few days. The reality shows Big Boss exactly does this. The real behaviour of a person comes out slowly. I have many times made plans with some acquaintances and travelled with them. After the travel, a few of them have become excellent friends, and few remain just an acquaintance. Of course, not all can upgrade to good friends.

Travelling brings out the best in you:

To travel, you need to come out of your shell. You may be a scholar in your language, but while travelling your language may be of no help to you. You still learn to communicate with people. Many a time, a nod in India which means a Yes may indicate a No in another country. We learn about different cultures, different people, different behaviours. People in some countries are so polite and warm while in a few are very dominant and rough. What you read may not always be accurate, when you see them yourself the best in you too comes out. India still is projected to the world as a Land of Snake Charmers. Not true.

There are so many other things which you learn when travelling, from planning your travel, to executing it, to handling rude surprises. Each country and each location will give you an experience which will stay in you forever. That’s why those who travel keep on travelling, while the frogs in the well keep thinking why so?

Count me in during your next plan 🙂

Vivek Karwa