A Travel Enthusiast 's Diary

Travel... don't just visit a place

You must have read the About page and already come to an understanding that I am not into the Travel Business. I am nothing more than a Travel Enthusiast and an enthusiast to such extent that I have travelled a few times with groups as their Tour Manager and made friends in return in the journey!

So hope this makes it clear that this site is not for selling any travel-related service; hence it’s not for any commercial purposes. Thus we don’t undertake any bookings 🙂 You can remember this site as my travel diary and a guide.

So why this site? The intention is to connect a few dots. All these dots, four in number are mentioned below. Your support and encouragement are needed to make this happen. Request you to connect.

1. Financial Readiness to Travel

Do your Travel Goal Planning

Don’t let money be a barrier to your travel. If you are serious in exploring the world then do your planning in advance. It’s easy.

Financial Freedom to Travel

2. Let's travel together

Travel Partners

Travelling Together is Fun

Let’s build a Travel Community and join together on trips. Together can be fun when we make new friends during the trip.

3. Share your Experiences

Your writings can inspire

Many people don’t travel since they do not the benefits. Sharing your story can encourage others to make a plan.

Travel Writings

4. Visit India

Visit India

India is Incredible. Be India’s guest, plan a tour to this amazing country. A place where you can never get lonely.

India on Globe

Stay Connected

Let's together build a vibrant travel community
Vivek Karwa in New Zealand
Vivek Karwa
Travel Enthusiast